A workshop within the international and interdisciplinary conference “The Rise of Asia in Global History and Perspective”, France, February 9-11, 2022

A collaboration between:

Master’s Degree in Exchanges with Asia, Université Le Havre Normandie, France

Laboratoire des Afriques Innovantes, Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada

Third World Forum, Dakar, Senegal

Journal Financial Afrik, Dakar, Senegal



Since the last decades, we witness the rise of economic exchanges between Africa and Asia. All the economic powers of Asia have developed economic relations and organised summits with Africa: Japan-Africa (since 1993), China-Africa (since 2006), Korea-Africa (since 2006), India-Africa (since 2008), Turkey-Africa (since 2008), Iran-Africa (since 2010), Indonesia-Africa (since 2018), in addition to Russia-Africa (since 2019). In terms of intercontinental trade, Asia has become the most important partner of Africa.


Yet, the place of Africa in international trade remains marginal. The initiative of exchanges with Africa comes mostly from outside Africa. There is a risk that Africa continues to be an object instead of subject of exchanges and that the destiny of African people is to be decided by foreign actors. Moreover, with the rise of Asia in economic power, the inter-Asian exchanges are becoming more and more important, surpassing their exchanges with other continents. The Asian countries find what they need in Asia, whether they are raw materials, human resources, technology, finance or market.


What is then the place of Africa in its exchanges with Asia? What goods and what services are to be exchanged? What strategies to be developed to make the exchanges “win-win” as the Asians like to say? Would it be necessary to train business professionals supposed to play a key role in the conception, planning, design, and implementation of exchange policies between the two continents? These professionals, should they have not only technical knowledge of international trade and its cultural, economic and political dimensions, but also a sense of responsibility for the common well-being, peace and justice in a sustainable world?


To answer those questions and many others, the Master’s Degree in Exchanges with Asia at the Université Le Havre Normandie, France, in collaboration with the Laboratoire des Afriques Innovantes at the Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada, and the journal Financial Afrik, Dakar, Senegal, organise a workshop “Africa-Asia Economic Exchanges: What Strategies for a Mutual Benefit and a Sustainable World?” within the international and interdisciplinary conference “The Rise of Asia in Global History and Perspective: Covid-19 from Asia to the world: what assessment and what perspective for a common future?” that will take place, physically or virtually (to be decided towards the end of December 2021), in Paris and Le Havre, France, February 9-11, 2022.


The workshop is open to individual and group paper presentations: scholars, lecturers, researchers, business professionals, staff of public service, journalists, graduate and doctoral students etc. based in Africa, Asia, Europe and other regions are welcome. Those willing to present their papers are invited to submit their proposals until December 31, 2021. In order to be registered correctly and put into archives systematically, all the abstracts are to be submitted online at the following link: