Global Crisis and Cultures

Online special session in the conference of The Rise of Asia 2023. Thursday, February 9, 2023.

In the center of the global crisis: food, health, energy, world currency, human rights. The main question is: will there be a peaceful transition from the hegemony of USA to a multipolar world?

In the wars of the 19th and 20th century culture played a major role. Also now culture is important. But only for instrumentalization. And art is also destroyed. Not only by armies, by states, but also by protest movements.

This session asks about the role of languages, the arts, knowledge in this world of conflicts. It asks about the unifying aspects in cultures in Europe, in Africa, the Americas, Asia. The silk road is not only a metaphor for the exchange of goods, but also of knowledge by import of words, of knowledge. Trade is in literature a symbol of peace. And this has not changed now only because some warriors try to militarize the markets since years.

The session stands in a long tradition of cooperation in Europe, within global scientific networks, of global art projects. Some of these meetings are documented in TRANS [ ], some in books [ ].

But a new orientation is necessary in the face of the militarization of the world, new technologies like Quantum technology - new challenges for education, universities, research centers, theaters, media. Please send suggestions to Sc.Dir.Dr. Herbert Arlt until 31st December 2022[ ]:

The session will take place within the conference “Rise of Asia” on 9 February 2023 via ZOOM. Responsible for the conference and the documentation is Univ. Prof. Dr. Darwis Khudori (University Le Havre Normandy, France). For the conference information, see