Dr. Lazare KI-ZERBO is a human rights expert in human rights and development/business with a 10 year experience at La Francophonie, an international intergovernmental organization with 80 members states. He is currently special advisor to the President of the Pan-African Center for Social Prospects (Benin) for the African initiative for peace education through interreligious and intercultural dialogue. Dr. KI-ZERBO has also contributed in the study and promotion of Pan-Africanism and Africa history. Lazare has helped build capacities of governments and national institutions of human rights institutions to sign and ratify international or regional human rights covenants in the fields of prevention of torture, CSR and protection of disabled people. He has organized a Pan-African meeting of stakeholders for the enforcement of the Optional protocol to the Convention against torture, and a workshop with the UN High Commissioner for human rights on the protection of persons with albinism. He has conducted a 5 year partnership with civil society networks on their accreditation to the International organization to La Francophonie, human rights and business, and the protection of economic, cultural and social rights. Dr. Lazare KI-ZERBO has co-edited the booklet on the Human rights at the heart of business at La Francophonie. He as edited African studies in geography from below (CODESRIA, Dakar, 2009) and The Pan-African ideal: Historical Foundations and Perspectives for the Future (forthcoming, 2015). He has translated Patrick Manning’s The African diaspora into French (forthcoming, Presence africaine, Paris, 2015 ).