Dear all,

     Thank you all for making this online conference a memorable event. 

Thank you Darwis for the great leadership and for always maintaining the Bandung Spirit at the core of all decisions, academic as well as logistics. 

Thank you Aurore and other Masters Students of Le Havre for the excellent coordination and efficient management of all the arrangements. Your commitment to the democratic cause was evident.

       Thank you Marzia and Victor for steering our Geopolitics panel so well.

Beatriz your role in making the New Globalism panels very meaningful deserves our gratitude. Getting Gabriela to participate in this panel was most valuable. Monica's framework paper was most relevant. Dimitris's perspective paper on Capitalism's crises gave us a sharp baseline. Dragana brought the reality of China's global role today very well  Rita put the gender and peace dimension at the centre of this discourse. Siddharth's pointer to construct a people's global history from Bandung vantage point was an interesting challenge. Your report captured the nuances effectively. 

Beatriz, Your efforts made it possible for Atilio Boron and Leonel Nodal to join and it made a great difference to our deliberations. 

        One could attend only a few designated panels where one was listed. From the reports in the last session we got a view of the rich discussions with powerful arguments and much insight and information that was presented in the three days. Sincere gratitude to the growing Bandung Community.

      I came to know many friends much more closely than before. Every time I hear Dimitris it is always a new insight and a challenge. Marco's wisdom and cool reasoning always inspire me.Listening to Isaac Bazie was a delight. I am amazed at Devon's range of grasp relating to Latin america and Asia , ecology and politics. Seeing scholars like Isabela and Victor makes one optimistic about the future of our initiative. Veteran feminist Diah's role not only in the Gender panels but in the entire Bandung - Belgrade global deliberations is a source of great inspiration and hope. It was great to see Tulus whose singleminded focus on researching and publishing on Small and Medium Enterprises ( his journal ) besides his important writings on Development Economics of Indonesia is an important dimension of the core of the Bandung development model. It was great to see stalwarts of the Nuclear disarmament Movement such as Kate Hudson and Achin Vanaik which helps us to revive the focus on PEACE at the core of the Bandung movement.

      I am sorry about the very small number of participants from India. But I am hopeful that Akhil's leadership and Seema's initiative and their boundless energy will attract more young scholars and activists to join the new global process flowing from Bandung. Bidyut and I will be always by their side.


     Friends, while the official report may be prepared in due time, we can all write our individual reflections in magazines and newspapers in our own regions and languages. And share them in our website and on e-mail and in Defend Democracy Press which I am sure Dimitris will welcome.


Happy Spring Festival to our East asian Fiends as we enter the Year of the Ox.


Manoranjan Mohanty

Retired Professor of Political Science, University of Delhi

Honorary Fellow, Former Chairperson,

Institute of Chinese Studies,  (

Distinguished Professor, Editor, Social Change

Council for Social Development,

Sangha Rachana, 53 Lodhi Estate, K K Birla Lane, New Delhi-110003