February 7: Arrival in Paris. First night in France (Paris).

February 8: First day conference in Paris. Moving to Le Havre by train. Second night in France (Le Havre).

February 9: Second day conference in Le Havre. Third night in France (Le Havre).

February 10: Third day conference. Staying in Le Havre or moving back to Paris by train. Fourth night in France (Le Havre or Paris).

February 11: Le Havre city tour, moving back to Paris by train or to Roissy Charles de Gaulle International Airport by direct bus.



There are two international airports for Paris: Roissy Charles de Gaulle (CDG) and Orly (ORY). You find a lot of information on both airports at the internet. See for example:

Most of the international participants will land at CDG.

There will be no pick-up for participants at the airports. However, you should not worry. France has a very good public transport. If you land at CDG, the easiest way to go to Paris is by Roissybus that will take you to Paris Roissybus station behind Opera House. Roissybus operates every day from 05h00 to 00h30 with an interval of 15-30 minutes. The trip takes around 60 minutes, and the ticket price is 16.20 euros. After getting off at Opera, you can walk to your hotel near Opera or Saint Lazare Railway Station. So, you do not need to take a taxi or to carry your luggage down to subway. If you take a taxi, the cost from the airport to Paris is at least 70 euros.

In case you take a hotel far (or not in a walking distance) from Opera House and Saint Lazare Railway Station, then you need to take a public transport (bus, metro, or taxi) from Opera House to your hotel. You may have information on them here:



Taxi: there are a lot of information on taxi companies in the internet.



Point of departure: Paris Saint-Lazare Railway Station

Point of arrival: Le Havre Normandy

08/02/2023: Paris-Le Havre at 17:40, 18:40 or 19:40 French time

10/02/2023: Le Havre-Paris at 17:08, 18:08, 19:08 or 20:08 French time

The train ticket may be purchased directly online at

If you buy the ticket earlier, a month in advance for example, you may get a cheaper price, around 30 euros for a roundtrip ticket Paris-Le Havre.

There are also direct buses from Le Havre Bus Station (next to the Railway Station) to Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport at 06h25-09h35, 10h35-14h10, 12h55-16h05 French time




It is recommended to take a hotel around Opera House and Saint Lazare Railway Station for the following reasons:

1) The airport Roissybus station is situated behind the Opera House.

2) The trains linking Paris and Le Havre leave from Saint Lazare Railway Station.

3) Opera House and Saint Lazare Railway Station are close each other (around 10 minutes walking).

In this way, taxi will not be needed.

All the hotels listed here are within a 20min walking distance from both the Opera House and the Saint Lazare Railway Station.


Some hotels in the area:

- New Hotel Saint Lazare***: around 90€ a night

- L’Ouest Hotel***: around 130€ a night

- Hotel Londres et New York: around 130€ a night 

- Charing Cross Hotel***: around 140€ a night

- Atlantic Hotel***: around 115€ a night

- Hotel Petit Saint Honoré**: around 120€ a night

- Hotel Marena***: price vary from 70 to 120€ a night

- Hotel Régence Paris***: around 110€ a night



It is recommended to take a hotel around Le Havre railway station.

- Hotel Nomad Le Havre: around 60 euros

- B&B Hotel Le Havre Centre Gare: around 55 euros

- Hotel Holiday Inn Express Le Havre: around 65 euros

- Ibis Hotel Le Havre centre: around 65 euros (slightly further than the others)

- Novotel Le Havre: around 90 euros