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Samedi 24 avril 2010, par DK // BANDUNG SPIRIT

BANDUNG PRINCIPLES known also as the DASA SILA BANDUNG (TEN PRINCIPLES OF PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE) are the last part of the Final Communiqué of the 1955 Bandung Conference under the title of "DECLARATION ON THE PROMOTION OF WORLD PEACE AND COOPERATION". After a short introduction, the DASA SILA was presented as follows : Read more...


Saturday 24 April 2010, by DK // BANDUNG SPIRIT

Historically associated to the Asian-African Conference held in Bandung (West Java, Indonesia) in 1955, within the context of decolonisation and Cold War, Bandung Spirit can be summarised as a call for 1) a peaceful coexistence between nations, 2) the liberation of the world from the hegemony of any superpower, from colonialism, from imperialism, from any kind of domination of one country by another, 3) the equality of races and nations, 4) building solidarity towards the poor, the colonised, the exploited, the weak and those being weakened by the world order of the day, and 5) their development. Read more »